SMS Heartbeat

SMS Heartbeat started as an internal project, we wanted to stabilize our routes so we could maximize our potential and satisfy the demand of our market.

Through this initiative, we grew our revenue and increased the quality of all our routes as we were able to solve time-critical issues early. We are excited to bring this product to the market so you can have the same effect on your customers and partners.

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Product Features

API and SMPP integration

Over 230 international carriers are supported, including USA and Canada

Multiple route support

Frequent number rotation – to avoid whitelisting

On-demand testing

Scheduled testing

Concatenated message and PDU testing

Real and personalized message templates

Quick or detailed view of test results

GSM/Unicode support

Track and detect

Message and format modifications


Fake DLR

OA/Sender ID changes

Operator MSISDN

Terminating SMSC (Direct connection vs Sim vs SS7)



Message ID’s

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