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Our messaging and voice services help improve communication and customer engagement in all corners of the globe.
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We can reach any destination by never compromising on quality and service.
Maximize the impact of your communication by using UPM Technology!


Our main focus is to help our customers get the most out of their marketing campaigns and data at their disposal.

Mobius enables you to schedule and send messaging campaigns to any audience, while tracking engagement. Utilize your existing routes!

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SMS Heartbeat

Not all routes offer the same quality. Test your routes in real time to ensure that each message reaches the handset.

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HLR / DNC Lookup

Knowing where to send your message is just as important as the message itself. Manage your contact lists and scrub your customer data to ensure delivery and compliance.

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Mobile Proxy

Seamless Mobile Proxy service managed in house, which results in a top tier experience and support for all our customers. Only pay for data used, no monthly commitments.

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About Us

UPM Technology has provided voice and messaging termination services globally since 2007. 

Through our experience and unique solutions over the years, we have evolved from a small startup in Portland, Oregon to a global telecom company that employs multiple teams across 5 continents.

Our agile offering
fuels your growth

Our traditional product offering is available as a standalone service through interconnections.

We also offer our products via a SaaS model, that empowers our customers and partners to setup their own interconnections and campaigns.

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